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Lux AURA Air Purifier

Efficient cleaning the air in 65m² room with a complete purification system

Enjoy clean and healthy air in your room, for home or workspace

Proven to reduce exposure from smoke, dust mites, pet dander and even fungus that can cause allergies.

Lux AURA Air Purifier

Effective and complete steps of air purification systems, can filter as much as 99.97% of all particles contaminated in the air as fine as 0.1 micron.


  • Dimensions (Height x Diameter)

    610 x 380 mm

  • Weight

    13 kg

  • Voltage

    220V / 50Hz

  • Electrical Power

    25 – 110 Watts

  • Noise Level

    33 – 65 dB(A)

  • Area Coverage


  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

    765m³ / hour

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